ior who fought for Scottish freedoms and the Mens Porsche Design P8609 Palladium SunglassesJacobite cause by ransacking entire camps of British redcoats at night. His attacks came without warning, always under Mens Porsche Design P8609 Gold Sunglassesthe cover of darkness. According to folklore, he appeared like a phantom in the mistmdash;with blood dripping from his Mens Porsche Design P8609 Black Sunglassesgleaming battle-ax, his eyes filled with murderous ragemdash;and committed morbid acts of villainy. He drove terror, like an iron spike, into the heart of every English soldier on either side of the border. For a time, the mere knowledge of the Butcherrsquo;s existence had crippled the Kingrsquo;s military strength in the North.Many, to this day, insist that the Butcher was naught but a ghost. Others believe he was true flesh and blood. Dead now, most likely.Though, in re